It’s hard to imagine our environment without trees. There are many reasons to plant them and so many to choose from. How does one decide?
Perhaps you are needing a replacement tree and you are wading through a list of unfamiliar names?

Start with what you know. Think of your favourite colours, seasons, fragrance. What are your site conditions? Take note of your light intensity, soil type and drainage rate. Don’t forget to look into the future for a minute and imagine how your tree will look in years to come, growth patterns, shape and size! Or maybe you have a special event to commemorate? All the more reason to get to know the tree you are choosing. Understand its unique characteristics; textures in the bark, leaf qualities, seasonal transformation.

By planting a tree you are improving the aesthetics of your personal space. You are also creating important habitat for our birds, pollinators and other urban wildlife. You could be improving the stability of your landscape and reducing soil erosion especially on sloped terrain. Your new tree will make important environmental contributions by creating shade for other plants and animals or shelter in extreme weather conditions. It’s no coincidence that we feel better after walking in the forest or park. Trees filter the air we breathe and improve our mental health with their beauty and movement.

You may prefer a conifer for year round evergreen coverage or a deciduous tree that changes with the season. Japanese maples are a popular choice, of which there are many! Read more about choosing one. With careful consideration you will reduce or possibly eliminate the need for pruning or reshaping your new tree.

Once you have made your decision what to plant give it the best start with these planting tips.

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