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Passion for Plants

The IAT team are gardeners.

At It’s About Thyme, our passion for plants is apparent when you stroll through the nursery. Fresh deliveries arrive bi-weekly (most of which is hand-picked by our plant-crazed team) to keep our yard and greenhouses full. Mostly sourced from our local growers, we carry everything to suit your unique site.



IAT carries the entire line of “the necessities” for the garden. We are well-stocked year-round with hedging, shrubs, trees and exotic bamboos. You will find classic hedging that has been used for centuries in formal designs or something completely new to the industry to create a fresh theme in your garden. We can show you modern hybrids, deciduous, ornamental or evergreen that are perfect for growing your green screen.



We’re fans of starting big. Anchor your new design with a beautiful specimen tree. We have Japanese maples,  hazel, willow, palm , conifers, dogwood, magnolia, and fruit trees. We can help you make selections that give your garden multi seasonal interest and to choose the best trees for your trouble spots. Some of the trees we offer are large caliper to give your garden a head start.



Intermingled amongst perennials and shrubs, or planted as a savannah in a dry area, grasses offer what every other plant, shrub, and tree cannot; the sensation of movement. The swaying and bending of grasses and their “plumes” reward the landscape year-round, therefore we carry an extensive selection of warm season, cool season, and annual grasses to support that sensation of movement to your garden.



The “candy” in our store will excite new and seasoned gardeners alike. We stock plants that originated in the arid climes of the Mediterranean, the mountains of Japan, humid conditions of the southern hemisphere, shady woodland habitat and our own rain forest. You will find unusual ornamental, sustaining choices for beneficial pollinators as well as our reliable indigenous selection.



Shade gardening is a challenge to most; however, at our nursery the shade house is the right place to start your planning. Our nursery is consistently sourcing new plant material to make your garden your haven. Shade loving shrubs, mossy ground covers, ferns, winter-flowering hellebore, hardy orchids, fragrant hostas, and unusual arisaemas will add intrigue to that shady corner.