Think of water as many tiny links in a chain.

If the chain is broken the plant dries out.

Most plants give off water at night, but need it during the day so water early.

When the plant releases water from its leaves the water chain moves more water up through the plant tissue.

Water deeply and less often to encourage roots to grow deep and then let the soil drain. Light, frequent watering does not give the plant a good drink…like only a sip when you are really thirsty!

Water the soil gently, but thoroughly. You should see the water soaking in, not running off the surface.

Don’t blast the soil or leaves… this exposes the roots and can damage the leaves, especially if it is sunny as the water droplets magnify and burn the sun’s rays. You can’t water faster with more pressure. Turn the volume down and more water will go where it’s needed.

Remember that it’s lively soil that keeps our plants healthy. All those little soil critters need water too. (Read “Soil is not a dirty word“)